Cover: Photo by R.J. Muna. The portraits were taken by San Francisco photographer Christopher Irion as part of The Campaign for Berkeley, in which the Cal community is invited to express their pride and gratitude through portraits and “Thanks to Berkeley…” quotes. See the collection at

The Promise of Berkeley, Spring 2011, published by University Relations, 2080 Addison Street #4200, Berkeley, CA 94720-4200
Copyright 2011 The Regents of the University of California

Executive Director, Mary Keegan; Managing Editor, Jane Goodman; Lead Designer, Vee Mahoney; Staff Writers, Amy Cranch, Andrea Lampros, Dana Mathes, and David Peterkofsky; Contributing Designers, Calixto Flores, Keegan Houser, and Virginia Yeh; Production Manager, Shawn Melikian.

Contributing Photographers: Barry Bergman/UC Berkeley NewsCenter (p. 18), Jim Block (p. 28), Lisa Chen (p. 17), Brittany Eddy (p. 13), Steven Finacom, courtesy of International House (p. 11), Keegan Houser (pp. 22–23, 32–33), Billy Hustace (p. 31), Ian Wiant Photography (p. 29), Christopher Irion (cover, pp. 2–8), Roy Kaltschmidt, courtesy of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (p. 10), Catalina Saldivia Lagos ’12 (p. 19), Abi Ridgway (p. 12), Shoey Sindel (p. 31), Peg Skorpinski (pp. 27, 29, 30, 31), Pete Thompson (p. 30), Pei-Chung Ting (p. 31).

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