Cover Image: "Turning the skin into a canvas for the imagination is both an artistic and a spiritual endeavor," says Jean-Paul Bourdier, the UC Berkeley architecture professor whose photograph titled "Sphinx" appears in his book Bodyscapes (Earth Aware Editions, San Rafael: 2007). His artwork is represented by Volakis Gallery, and his exhibit, "Body of Light," can be seen at the Townsend Center for Humanities through Dec.17.

The Promise of Berkeley, Spring 2010, published by
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Contributing Photographers: Berkeley Group for Architecture and Planning (p. 12), Jim Block (p. 30), Catherine Brennan (p. 30), Leonard Chong (p. 29), Cathy Cockrell (p. 15), Gina Conte (p. 7), Nicholas de Monchaux (p. 13), Katherine Fiordalis (p. 31), Pamela Horowitz (p. 30), Keegan Houser (pp. 4, 20–21), Christopher Irion (pp. 32–33), Sebastian Kim (p. 6), Melanie King (p. 14), Adrianne Koteen (p. 31), Yatish Patel/Jen Sloan (p. 12), Photographisgh Atellier (p. 8), Tim Porter (p. 29), Project H Design (p. 13), Christof Putzel (p. 23), Jeffrey Roe (p. 29), Peg Skorpinski (pp. 10, 18–19, 29–31), Smile Train (p. 24), Kat Wade (p. 28), Aaron Walburg (p. 29).

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