Inspired by a young girl with a prosthetic hand, this issue shares stories about movement, speed, and progress. In addition are stories about Berkeley’s building boom, three new endowments that fuel a range of campus needs, and turning crisis into art.


The Promise of Berkeley, Fall 2016, published by

University Development and Alumni Relations, 2080 Addison Street # 4200, Berkeley, CA

Copyright 2016 the Regents of the University of California

Editorial Director, José Rodríguez; Art Director, Vee Mahoney; Managing Editor, Amy Cranch; Contributing Writers: Elizabeth Costello, Blake Edgar, Kilei Nelson, and David Peterkofsky; Contributing Designers: Mekhi Baldwin and Shirong Gao; Production Manager: Shawn Melikian; Traffic Manager, Suz-Anna Morandin; Web Development, Robert Sajan.

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