The Promise of Berkeley, Fall 2010, published by
University Relations, 2080 Addison Street # 4200, Berkeley, CA 94720-4200
Copyright 2010 the Regents of the University of California

Executive Director, Mary Keegan; Managing Editor, Jane Goodman; Lead Designer, Vee Mahoney, and Virginia Yeh; Staff Writers, Amy Cranch, Andrea Lampros, Dana Mathes, David Peterkofsky; Contributing Writers, Ron Kolb, Kathleen Maclay, Robert Sanders, Janet Wells, and Lynn Yarris; Contributing Designers, Calixto Flores, Keegan Houser; Production Manager, Shawn Melikian; Web Development, Joel Fuller.

Contributing Photographers Jim Block (pp. 29, 30), Mollie Crutcher (p. 30), Keegan Houser (p. 29), Andrew Kaufteil (p. 30), Landa Kinder, Gruber Photographers (p. 32), Bill Mahon Photography (p. 29), Shoey Sindel (p. 29), Peg Skorpinski (pp. 29, 31, 33), Marjorie Weingrow (p. 29), Anders Yang (p. 30); Correction A photo caption in the Spring 2010 issue of The Promise of Berkeley misidentified Molly Fraker, who was pictured with Fred Karren ’68 at the College of Environmental Design’s 50th Anniversary Gala.

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